Thursday, March 31, 2011

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Super productive morning

Check this out. Interesting on several levels.

And also...

...can people stop having so many medical issues? Seriously. It's just more work for students and residents. Please take better care of yourselves.

And if you can't help but be sick (geez), keep an up to date list of your medications and their doses. It is soooo helpful. For realsies.

Internal Medicine

I am currently sitting with my team going over our patients (also known as "rounding", and clearly not always done bedside as we are sitting in a computer room in the back of the library), I am post call, and I just kind of don't care. Of course none of my patients are critical, so I don't have anything to be worried about. But I'm just kind of over it. I'm only in my second week, and I have 6 1/2 more weeks to go. Not a good sign.

I wish that once we figure out what we want to go into, we can just skip the rest of the rotations. Sigh.